Claire Crook

Claire Crook is an accomplished circus and theatre performer. Primarily an aerial performer specialising in Corde lisse, she is also an experienced teacher of aerial skills, and a circus rigger. She has worked widely in circus theatre, traditional and contemporary circus, cabaret, corporate and community events. She loves a challenge and is particularly interested in developing narrative, emotional content and theatricality in her work alongside a high level of technical skill. Her work often fuses the use of text with aerial and high physicaility weaaving strong emotional narratives through movement.
Her own artistic works includes “Who Do They Think They Are”- an ensemble aerial theatre performance exploring themes of diversity and identity in circus. “Mirrors and Ribbons”- commissioned for Festival of the Mind 2018 a solo show about female body image, women in circus through history, performed in Sheffield Cathedral. “Trapped” a solo rope piece using text and physical theatre to explore life, death and the human condition, “Avid Shenanigans”- a collaboration with visual artist Sarah Jane Palmer that combined aerial work, with projection, animation, emotion and live shadow interaction.
She also received ACE funding for “Rift” a research and development project into creating a narrative driven ensemble circus theatre show, directed by Phil Coggins of The Babbling Vagabonds, and shown at The Blue Shed in Sheffield.