Bill Coleman

Originally from Oban, I am currently in Montreal, Canada.
Although my dance experience started out fairly traditionally (trained at Bird College, Danced with ballet companies in Ireland and Germany) I am currently using a personal practice that induces involuntary movement and hyper sensitivity to explore performance and creation. In various contexts such as:
Dollhouse a collaboration with avant grade sound composer Gordon Monahan that explores a multitude of ways of producing sound within severe theatrical contexts.
Site Specific community performance in locations such as Banff National Park, Mongolia, Regent Paerk construction site (Toronto).
Story of Life: a performance suitable for everyone (including the very young) performed in a sharing circle that can be performed anywhere.
Workshops: Environmental Arts Festival, Dumfries, Rijeka, Croatia and regular classes at Centre for Indigenous Theatre, Toronto.
I enjoy collaborations outside of my own genre, and professional sphere.
I have danced with a variety of companies such as Marha Graham Company, Tere Oconnor, Bill T Jones in NY, and Toronto Dance Theatre, Jean Pierre Pereault in Canada and still perform with other choreographers.
Hopefully my experience and openness and professional curiosity would be a good addition to the Work Room.
I recently performed at Dance Base during the festival and regularly try to visit and work with my brother Robbie Coleman, a visual artists based in Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway.