Aniela Piasecka’s work is primarily collaborative (Stasis, Proudfoot & Piasecka). A motivation to question the delineation of artistic practices and our singular understandings of authorship and the creative process underpins her collaborations.

Her work explores expressions of contemporary femininity. The feminine subject’s social dysfunction is considered, embodied by fracture, staccato, and overly loud music. Yet her choreographies suggest a degree of hopefulness, through humour, continuous flux, and performative changes. An emphasis on plurality and multiplicity forms the connective tissue of the dance works: live, filmed or written, through which solidarity and kinship are dismantled and rebuilt. Stemming from the stage, the work has moved into the gallery, the street, the nightclub.

Aniela has lead workshops at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Art Link at St John's Hospital Livingston, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art alongside fellow Stasis artist Isabel Palmstierna, Fritz Welch and Pester and Rossi, and Girls Rock Glasgow.