Aniela Piasecka

Aniela's work tends to favour collective creation and participation, working as part of performance collaboration STASIS (with Wet Mess, Isabel Palmstierna and Paloma Proudfoot), as one half of the duo Proudfoot & Piasecka, and with other artists such as Daniel Cook, Leonie Rae Gasson, Aby Watson, Francis Dosoo, Ailie Ormston.
Using the notion of psychogeography as a point of departure, a concept encountered whilst studying cultural theory, works often delve into the relationality between bodies and the space/s they occupy using crip queer feminist studies to deepen intentions. Seeking ways of moving that prioritise meaningful movement expressions that are not restricted by gender conformity, performative heteronormativity or reductive aesthetics.
Practice is motivated by a deep need to learn with others, to embolden curiosity, and participate in the act of reconsidering both making and presenting dance; by aiming to encourage fluidity and plurality, working against attachments to linear progression and creating stepping stones to openness and questioning.
Aniela works with choreography, text, film, and installation, colliding between visual art contexts (CAPC Bordeaux, Bergen Kunsthall, CCA) and performance contexts (The Place, Dance International Glasgow, Merchant City Festival).