Andrew Houston

My practice is rooted in solo performance and the field of live art and within this I regularly use dance and the immediate capabilities of movement to translate ideas and questions.

My current work is focussed on the role of performed personas and questions the tensions between virtual personas and the body enacted through durational performance, particularly durational dance. One of my most recent pieces LOOK AT ME (2016), which I am continuing to develop included a series of durational movement pieces where I utilised repetitive dance sequences and stylised movements to reveal the labour of the body present in identity transformation.

I have throughout the past 6 years since graduating from my BA at GSA and subsequently through my MA at Central School of Speech and Drama explored the application of dance and movement into more pictorial manifestations, such as live streaming work, documentation of movement sequences and repetitive movement as image.

These explorations have led me to collaborate with different collectives using movement and dance as the central point of their own practical exploration. These include the collective On the Stage of the Present (led by Tom Pritchard) and collaboration with the visual Arts collective Opera Autonoma, for whom I have choreographed movement sequences for studio practice and for GYMNASIA, their 2014 commission for Glasgow International.

I am currently developing a new body of work that takes my current knowledge and