Amy Rosa is an award-winning artist based in Scotland. She makes live art, intimate performance, large scale sculptural installations, writing and photographic work about her experience of the world as a disabled woman. She lives with multiple chronic illnesses including Fibromyalgia and complex PTSD and speaks on panels on topics such as disability, class and living with multiple barriers.

She enjoys altering environments to play with perception of time and how it can be explored through quiet, repeated acts and heightened states of reality. The act of installing structures for the purpose of reflection and creating symbolic action based works stem from her personal fascination with ritual and nature and her own familial history of witchcraft.

She is in a position as an artist not only to provide vital representation for those who are often sidelined but to help lead the conversation on changing how disabled people are seen and treated by society and governments. She wants to open up conversations around access, the politics of being a disabled person in the current hostile political climate and the other intersections of modes of oppression many of us experience.