Amber Dollin

An independent Dance Artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. I trained at Dance Studio Scotland, Glasgow to HND level before securing my First Class BA (hons) degree at The Space, Dundee before being awarded a place on the Recent Graduate Programme with Barrowland Ballet and The Work Room. My creative practice holds interest in ‘play’, curiosity and juxtaposition. I love to improvise and create from our bodies sub conscious language. I find people’s perception fascinating and attempt to approach tasks and themes from a variety of angles. I like to ask questions and perhaps encourage others curiosity through my work and practice.

“The creative aspects of dance spark my interest in respect of both freedom and opportunity. I enjoy that I can feel free and go to a place of serenity while my body takes over and creates it’s own conversation. There are no right answers in this idea of dance which is liberating. In my creative practice I focus my interest in juxtaposing ideas which concern movement and structure and find great enjoyment in the challenges involved with allowing others to see and perform what I envisage. I hope to create pieces which span many subjects and all relate in provoking thought and eliciting conversation in the audience.”