Alexandra Tsiapi

I am a freelance performer and choreographer based in Scotland. My practise is rooted in movement improvisation and is inspired by somatic practises. Through my work, I try to produce truthful, communicative dances; it is important for me to give time and space for my creative self and that of my collaborators to be free, while promoting self awareness, awareness of the environment, and connection with others.

I believe that art should inspire, provoke critical thinking and discussion, inform and comfort the soul; that is what I seek to do through my work. The relationships developed between moving bodies is a recurring theme in my practise. Through my work, I research how we can coexist in a group as people/dancers. Intimacy and care are also themes I find myself drawn to, driven by my need to connect with those around me in a meaningful way. Dance for me is connection and communication, and at the same time those two principals are what drive me in my life. A big part of my practise is verbal and physical storytelling.

I am constantly exploring the capabilities of my voice in relation to movement. I am interested in creating and performing in outdoor work, dance for screen, and experimenting with the relationship between audience and performer.

I am currently researching a practise I call ecosomatic storytelling, exploring the intersection of ecology, somatic practises and ecofeminism, through improvisational movement, use of voice and storytelling.