Alexandra Tsiapi

I am an emerging dance artist, specialized in Contemporary Dance performance and choreography.
I am interested in collaborative work, outdoor work, and work that is made for unconventional spaces. I am curious about the relationship between a performer and an audience. Is an audience just a spectator and a performer just a performer? Could the relationship shift throughout a performance? Through my work, I want to challenge those boundaries separating the two and question the space where a performance takes place. I aspire to create art that inspires people, provokes critical thinking and discussion. I take delight in work that is organic and honest and that allows my body and creative mind to express their own needs. To achieve this freedom of expression, I often choose to work with improvisation. Throughout the years I have come across various somatic practises which inform the way I improvise. Storytelling has always been the core of my practise, either through movement or verbally. Throughout the years I have been experimenting with different ways of bringing text and stories to life and how to be a captivating storyteller by incorporate singing, mime, movement, sounds and words in my work.
Since last year I have started exploring dance through camera and the possibilities this medium has to offer. I am learning how to choreograph for screen, film and edit footage, to create small length dance films.