Unveiling Choreographies: PART TWO
Unveiling Choreographies: PART TWO

Unveiling Choreographies: PART TWO

15.11.17 | 6:30pm – 8:30pm
CCA, Glasgow

This second edition is a further programme which will screen work from artists exploring the relationship between movement /dance and film and from a range of artistic backgrounds (film, dance, visual art and other ‘unlabeled’ creators). It will explore questions - “Who is the choreographer of a dance film?”. Is it a dancer or choreographer who creates the movement? Is it a camera person who choses the perspective and the frame? Or is it the editor who composes captured material?

The screening will be followed by a discussion with artists representing different phases of producing a dance film. We will have opportunity to hear about various approaches and creative processes in making a dance film and to examine the different roles in creating choreography for the screen. BSLinterpretation for the post-screening artists discussion can be arranged if requested in advance by emailing Sara@theworkroom.org.uk.

Thomas Small: Lost But Found
Martyn Garside: Ready, Set, Gone.
Lucas Chih-Peng Kao: Movement in Progress
Christine Devaney: Threads
Saffy Setohy: Kindling
Simon Fildes: Six Solos
Inês Coelho: Experiments on Landscape 01
Julia McGhee: “Sassegrass”

Members can book there place by emailing sara@theworkroom.org.uk or non member can buy a ticket from the CCA website here.