TWR Friday Social with Lucas Kao & Leo Estrada
TWR Friday Social with Lucas Kao & Leo Estrada

TWR Friday Social with Lucas Kao & Leo Estrada

Live Streaming Performance using OBS
26.02.21 | 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Online via Zoom

In this week’s Friday Social we are really pleased that Lucas & Leo will be leading us in a discussion about how they worked together on Leo’s work ‘Ballad of the Crone' using Open Broadcast Software.

 “Ballad of the Crone is a solo physical theatre live-streamed performance about connections, inheritance and loss. It is a cooking show that is really an attempt to understand what holds us apart and what brings us together. It is an intimate psycho-magical documentary gone wrong or incredibly right.  A woman sits by herself in a kitchen recreating a secret family recipe as a way to be close to her mother, who is ten thousand kilometres away in hospital after being bitten by a large dog on her left breast. The lecturer shows photographs, documents. We don’t know how much of it is true.

Glitches occur: lights flicker; the eggs won’t crack. The language and the body of the lecturer mutate, the ingredients rebel. The recipe mix holds objects that do not belong in it, it takes over the lecturer’s face and mutates into strange faces. Reality loses its anchor as the secret ingredient is discovered.”

In the Social, Leo will introduce the project and talk about the making of the show, followed by Lucas sharing his experience streaming the show with free Open Broadcast Software (OBS). They will offer a simple tech demo to set up OBS using your webcam to keep you up and running and show you briefly the possibilities you can do. 

They will also use the time to gather ideas and requests for content in a follow up OBS streaming workshop hosted by the Work Room facilitated by Lucas on 8 March (1pm – 4pm) via Zoom. You can book your place on the workshop by emailing

The social and the workshop will be free to members and any freelance artists/filmmakers/theatre makers interested to attend.  For the Social TWR members can log in on the usual code, if you don’t have this saved or if you are not a member please email

If you want to try OBS, please download and install before Friday. 
If you want to stream to Youtube, you will need to enable the streaming which may take 24hrs to activate. Instruction here.


This event will be transcribed using Otter.Ai

We may record this session, if you don’t wish to be included in the recording please keep your camera off.

As always our Socials are informal and you can engage in a way that suits you. You do not have to come prepared to use the technology mentioned or participate in the conversation. The workshop is offered for those who want to learn more.