TWR Friday Social with Julia James-Griffiths / Mind To Move

14:00–15:30 on 29.01.21

Julia will be sharing about a mindful movement practice that she has developed called Mind To Move. The practice focuses on supporting mental health and well-being needs through mindful relaxation and movement; connecting the mind and body together to bring release. 

Julia currently delivers Mind To Move community classes, and would like to begin to branch out Mind To Move further by developing a class that is specifically just for dancers and their needs. Thanks to the support of The Work Room, Julia will begin this research on Mind To Move for dancers. She will be delivering two free Mind To Move classes for members of The Work Room as an opportunity both to share her practice with the membership, as well as to begin this research by working with dancers as participants. The classes will be offered on 17 & 23 February and Julia talk more about the format of these during the social.

Join us if you are interested in attending the Mind to Move classes or if you would like to hear more about Julia’s mindful movement practice.

As always, our socials are informal and you are free to participate in whatever way makes you comfortable. This event is offered for information & discussion about Mind To Move and not one of the classes.

The session will be transcribed using and may be recorded for documentation. If you don’t wish to be included in the recording please keep your camera off.

We will use the usual Zoom meeting code for Socials if you don’t have this saved or are not a member please contact to get the details.

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