TWR Friday Social- 'Where is the Line? with Lesley Howard & Clare Adam

14:00–15:00 on 05.02.21

The Work Room invites you to join us for another Friday Social. This social is led by dance artists Lesley Howard and Clare Adam who will be sharing some of their findings following research supported by an Artist Research Bursary.


Clare & Lesley: "Through the Artist Research bursary, we have been researching the understanding of invisible disabilities within a main-stream dance setting. We have been connecting with other disabled artists and starting a conversation, that is important to us. After recently graduating we reflected back on our experience and noticed a lot of challenges we faced in professional dance training could be easily prevented through education/knowledge. We are passionate about bringing this conversation to the table to educate others as best as we possibly can based on our personal experience."

This event is free to attend and will be open and informal. It is open to both TWR members and those not members to attend. Hosted on Zoom.

This social will have automated transcription via Otter.AI and live BSL interpreting from Iain Hodgetts and Rosie Beveridge. 

To recieve the Zoom link, please email


More info about Lesley & Clare's research here:


 Event Image Credit: David Thomas Photography

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