TWR Friday Social during Dance International Glasgow

16:00–19:00 on 22.10.21

Join us for coffee and a catch up on Friday 22 October in person during DIG 2021! The Work Room staff team will be hanging out on Tramway's Cafe Mezzanine from 4pm onwards and invite members or anyone interested in a chat to say hello.
This is very informal Social Gathering on the closing weekend of Dance International Glasgow and will be an opportunity for us to connect with those we have possibly never met in person or haven't seen for a long time.
There will be film and live performance in Tramway's gallery spaces from FRAN.K and Collaborators | Living In The Space Between & Freestylers | Everybody With Me, Always
We will be in the the Mezzanine until around 7pm and you might also want to book tickets to catch the fun and exhilarating new show from Craig Manson and Conner Milliken | Gayboys at 9pm (last few remaining!).

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