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Many are talking about the world “post Covid”, about creating “new systems”, and bringing about “change”. Many are, imagine: moved by the stress of the present moment, anticipating a future that will finally (!) bring about the conditions necessary for the unconventional, anticipated thing that will make a difference; a way out of this mess… if only we prepare, if only we figure out how to go about things in a way unlike any we’ve tried until now. If only…
Many are placing their bets on the future, when the conditions for action are going to be right.
With this talk that is also a workshop that is also an engaging conversation, pavle and Skye would like to share with you what is essentially a strategy, our strategy?, maybe: our strategy in-the-making: but is also a nothing more than a couple of carefully articulated thoughts, maybe: a theory, (is this our conspiracy theory?) treated with utmost care but clumsily, with humour, that is: and is, over- and afterall, (drumroll please) an approach to thinking action and active thinking, with which (we will recommend you) to meet the present moment.

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