12:00–16:00 on 20.08.22

Part of Tramway Beyond Walls

East Pollokshields Quad at 12 noon - FREE

The Bowling Green, Kenmure Street at 3pm - FREE

How does loss of memory change my sense of self and connection to society?

Based on choreographer Joel's own experience of memory loss as a result of a brain tumour, as well as stories told to him by people suffering from dementia, Brain is an investigation in to how loss of memory can change someone's sense of identity and connection to society. 

Featuring a still-growing 180,000 stitch knitted patchwork quilt created in collaboration with sheltered accommodations around the UK over lockdown, and live music performed by local choirs, Brain will be presented at various locations around Pollokshields and Govanhill. 

Between performances, audience members will be invited to join the dancers for tea and cake, learn how to knit (if they don’t already know), take part in movement workshops, and listen to stories about people who inspired the work. 

Brain has been developed through Moving Out, a collaborative commission from  Tramway and The Work Room to create or adapt work for public sites and outdoor contexts as part of the Tramway Beyond Walls programme.

Both events are free but booking is enciuarge through this link. 

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