Workshop exploring developing ideas for 'Geologies' (working title)


Open workshop invitation to dancers and movers - exploring developing ideas for 'Geologies' (working title) with Rosanna Irvine

Dates: Saturday 11 June Tramway Studio 2-5pm + Sunday 19 June The Work Room 2-5pm

You can attend one or both dates.

The workshop will be a deep dive into very specific but non-set scores for movement, working closely with attention and perception to generate qualitative states and atmospheres that range across slow and sustained to high intensity dynamics.

I've been back in Scotland a few years - but feel that I don't quite know the dancers and performers in Scotland. I'm keen to share my way of working with movement in the early development of this project - and to see where artistic resonances and connections might exist.

To book please email:

If you are interested but can't attend these dates please get in touch

About Geologies (working title): The project addresses the socio-historical layers implicit in the geologies and geographies of the Glasgow area, the Clyde waters and the isle of Arran - sites that are variously stratified in their geologies and in their layers of Empire and imperialism. I'm approaching video, movement, text and sound as 'layers' that might reflect, through poetic means, the dynamic and complex relationships between the natural world, deep time and the political and historical narratives that are (un)told.

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