Friday Social with Daniel Navarro Lorenzo

14:00–15:30 on 30.04.21

This week's Friday Social will be hosted by member Daniel Navarro Lorenzo to dicuss new work.

A Fragile Geography, an original project born in 2018 which become to different chapters adapting to the circumstances and needs; As my choreographic work, STATE (December 2019 residency by The Work Room) which develop an international awarded film because of the pandemic with the name, Video Project #STATE. The other chapters are, White Mountains, Places and my new work in progress called Origen with the original music by Adrian Blezien Pérez.

The event is online, hosted on Zoom meetings and will have an live automated transcript by Otter.AI. This social will be recorded for archive purposes.

Our Socials are open to all members of The Work Room using the usual meeting code and link. If you would like the code sent out to you again or you are not a member but would like to attend please email



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