Kate E. Deeming

Resident artist: June 2017

Kate has returned to the studio to further develop a series of podcasts entitled Anonymous Dancer which explores the concept Dancing (It) Is Happening All (the) Time.

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For me being a humanist and being an artist are one in the same. I want to 'make work' that celebrates our wonderful, joyful and (ultimately) loving world.

Kate E. Deeming (born Philadelphia, PA, USA, 1973) is a dance artist, writer, filmmaker, activist and brownie baker who has presented work in the USA, UK, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Syria & Lebanon.

"Van Gogh said famously (sic) "truly the most artistic thing you can do is to love", it is a curious thing, as it is the aspect of our education that seems most distant and yet it is the most effective of all. I can say simply my best works reminded me of the act of loving, in myself and for others in the world."

In 2010 Kate E. received a commendation from the Scottish Parliament for her contributions to dance and peacemaking in honour of UNESCO World Dance Day.

In 2011 she was nominated to be an London Olympic torch bearer.

As a filmmaker/producer Kate E. famously worked with Hannaywood Studios producing two feature films and over a dozen shorts, and has also collaborated on her own films with artists Simon Dennis, Richi Holt, Peter Hastie, Martine Cotton, Richard Grehan, Norman Douglas, Basharat Khan, Alison George, Chris McNulty, Rob Casey, Daniel Warren and Benoit Moulanier, to name a few.

In addition to giving independent workshops and lectures worldwide for corporate and independent clients she has also lectured at the Glasgow School of Art, the RSAMD, Franklin & Marshall College, Temple University (Tokyo), and the Grays School of Art (Aberdeen) in addition to working with the Scottish Institute for Business Leaders, British Council, Butterfly Peace Garden (Sri Lanka), Centre for Performing Arts (Sri Lanka), Philadelphia Department of Recreation, Glasgow Life, Glasgow Education Services, and the charities Funforlife, and Barnardos.

Kate E.'s work has featured on many media channels including the BBC, STV, Glasgow Herald, Indian Television Network, Daily Mail, The Evening Times, The Sunday Express and more.

Kate E. has published one book 'The Body) of Earth)' and is now working on her second, 'Hope Dances-100 Stories of Hope from Glasgow's Morning Dancer'. She also writes regular blogs for 'Deeming Dreaming', as well reviewing dance spaces on 'Dance(s)paces Today' and previously wrote a blog for the Glasgow Herald 'Notes of an Itinerant Artist'.

Kate E. received her BA (theatre&sociology) from Franklin & Marshall College (Lancaster, PA, USA), studied at University College, Oxford University (England, via Advanced Studies in England), and received her MDra (Acting) from the RSAMD.