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Kerieva will be in residence at The Work Room to explore and develop further the narrative to her latest dance theatre piece THE TYPIST. She will centre her work on how dramaturgy, archival and academic research, methodologies for direction, and film impact her choreographic practice. (Contemporary, Flamenco, Danza Española)

Her enquiries will be in collaboration with co-director Ben Harrison (Grid Iron), Laura Eaton Lewis (Highway Diner) and Justine Montford (Sonic Sinema).

The Typist will premiere it's Scottish tour at Tramway in March 2014.

An edition of the piece with full cast will be performed at Dance Feste -August 31st+Sept 1st 2013- in collaboration with Dance Base and Edinburgh Mela.


It is post‐war Britain in 1954. What seems to be an ordinary young woman on the way to her ordinary job as a shipping office typist, becomes an extraordinary road to the discovery of a personal history she couldn't have possibly imagined.

She has urges, she dances without conscious reckoning, she is haunted in her sleep and in her waking hours by flashes and mutations of recurring themes: a Spanish boat journey, other children, a woman's face, a war, a people she has never met... until now.

A chance encounter gradually reveals everything she has ever wanted to know, and more...

The Typist is an exhilarating story of courage, passion and identity (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof meets Almodóvar), created and performed by some of the UK and Spain's most exceptional music and Flamenco dance artists.

A captivating new piece of dance theatre with live specially commissioned score.

Supported by Creative Scotland, The Work Room, Dance Base Edinburgh, Tramway and Edinburgh Mela

Festival/EXPO fund.

Co‐directors‐ Ben Harrison (Grid Iron) and Kerieva McCormick

Narration‐ Alexei Sayle

Dramaturgy‐ Laura Eaton Lewis

Music performed by‐ Kuljit Bhamra MBE (Tabla, perc), Andrew

Robinson (Flamenco guitar), Tania Lopez Bran ('Cello)

Musical Director/Composer‐ Kerieva McCormick

Film Design‐ Justine Montford (Sonic Sinema)

Producer‐ Kate Bowen

Production and Stage Management‐ Janet Dick

Choreographic and staging mentor‐ Gran Maestro Javier Latorre

Artistic and company directorship mentor‐ Cora Bissett


'We loved the flamenco and the raw, powerful vocal. The live music

and the film add depth to the power of the performance.' -Susan Whyte, Wood End Barn

'Looks and sounds exciting, dynamic ' ‐Matt Addicott, Platform

'Obviously a great quality piece' ‐Tim Nunn, Tramway

'Looks wonderful, and I'm sure it will be well received on Mull. The

music is fantastic too, and that would prove to be a real attraction.'

‐Sheena Miller, Mull Theatre

'Looks very interesting and is definitely something we would

programme as part of Dancelive Festival.' ‐Jennifer Philips, City Moves

'Touring Network would really like to see The Typist come to the

Highlands and Islands and will support the show to tour' ‐Sam

Eccles, Touring Network Highlands.

'Dance Base has shown support for the creation of the Typist in the

form of financial support in addition to residency time and space

and are planning to present the work in the future at Dance Feste

2013 Edinburgh Mela, and for British Dance Edition 2014. The Typist

comes highly recommended by me and others' ‐Morag Deyes MBE,

Dance Base, National Centre for Dance, Edinburgh

'I would love to show (Kerieva's) voice and vision of flamenco in the

Festival Flamenco' ‐ Juan Carlos Lérida, Curator of Tapeos, Sadler's

Wells Flamenco Festival, London.

Further Interest from leading programmers in England and Ireland including British Film Institute London, Alchemy Festival Southbank Centre London, Celtic Fringe Festival Ireland, Flamenco Festival Sadlers Wells London

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THIS WEEKEND-Show times- Saturday 7.15pm and Sunday 6.45pm-

The Typist (Mela Edition). Created by and starring multi-instrumentalist, singer and choreographer Kerieva McCormick (Asian Dub Foundation, On-U Sound) and co-directed with Grid Iron's Ben Harrison, The Typist is a visually gorgeous piece of Flamenco dance theatre set in the 1950's with filmic backdrop by Sonic Sinema. The cast includes world-renowned Flamenco dancer Felipe de Algeciras (whose fiery footwork featured in The Mask of Zorro with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones), maestro Flamenco singer Olayo Jiménez and one of the UK's leading Flamenco guitarists, Andrew Robinson. — at Edinburgh Mela, Leith Links.

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Kerieva McCormick is a vocalist, choreographer, composer and multi instrumentalist.

She has released two albums to date and is

currently recording her third (soundtrack to The Typist) with legendary ON‐U Sound producer

Adrian Sherwood (Sinead O'Connor, Lee Scratch Perry, Primal Scream etc.).

She has composed music for documentaries and theatre, and performs and records internationally. She has directed and choreographed theatre both in Scotland and Central and

Eastern Europe and appeared onstage in the Grid Iron/NTS

production ROAM. She currently develops her choreographic practice by creating work for her own shows, most recently at the Royal Festival Hall, and for music groups such as Asian Dub


Her forthcoming show The Typist will premiere at Tramway March 2014