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Artistically I'm drawn to & fascinated by binary pairings and the interesting tensions they propose. As a performer my passion is movement, which I explore through multi-disciplinary means. Aesthetically I'm a minimalist - stripping away excessive embellishments to arrive at the most essential form of expression. Philosophically I am driven by a constant probing of the human condition. In bringing these preoccupations together i seek to create a dialogue between the established and the experimental resulting in unique, bold and articulate performance works that are responsive to issues of contemporary culture.

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on April 19, 2016 06:18

This development phase of Untitled #1 is continuing.. I'm so used to thinking that the work I do in the studio is my actual work and all the admin and planning is just something that I have to do. But it is also WORK. I'm so slow to catch on... And so, the work continues as I try to move forward with the project.

I'm also thinking of setting up a company. Yes, it's time, I think. In the past I have always made small scale works and due to their nature I have not always been considered by programmers and venues - the work being too difficult, complex, serious, not enough dance content or then too much dance content, not entertaining... that aside I've not done badly. I've performed in some amazing venues and festivals and to many an appreciative audience member. BUT now I aim to go BIG. Hence the company. A bit of a risk to go BIG - but the work is demding this of me and I have to follow the direction it's pulling me toward.

Oh.. and... Who's my audience? Any suggestions? Are you my audience? Can you describe yourselves?

Xx, A

Thank you all

on March 29, 2016 07:59

Wow! it's now been a week since my work in progress showing in The Work Room studio - the days pass so incredibly swiftly.

Untitled #1 has moved forward immensely during my residency time and over all I'm super excited about this project and cannot wait to immerse myself in the next stage of creation and to complete the work! - But as we all know that this can take time and the lulls in between as one applies, yet again, for more funding, more residency opportunities, hold talks with (& persuade) possible partners, hoping that your collaborators will still be available in the foreseeable future etc, can seem endless and at times infuriating and all the while there's the worrying about how to earn money in the mean time etc.. Ah yes, that place again.... But no! I'm not going to be despondent, Untitled #1 is far too good!

Thank you to all who came to the showings. As always it was my pleasure to perform the work for you and to hear your feed back. Until soon.

Untitled #1

on June 24, 2079

Anticipating my return to The Work Room studio after an abrupt end to the 1st part of my residency back at the end of january when I was unexpectedly injured and left hobbling about for days. I was indeed horrified as I have never been injured before. Now back in full working order, hopefully so at least, I'm looking forward to the next phase of developments for Untitled #1.

Work in Progress event scheduled for 22nd and 23rd March - where the work will be revealed in more depth - you are all very welcome. As always be great to receive your feedback.

Now that I've finally made an entry I'll be sure to keep you posted. Never considered writing a blog before & I'm certainly no writer but this could become addictive. The question is - how much should I give away?

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Anna is a choreographer and performer based in Glasgow. Anna is also a core member of Helsinki based perfromance company Oblivia since 2000.

Anna is currently developing a new work, Untitled #1, which she bagan researching as part of her Creative Scotland Artists Bursary award 2014/15. This current phase of research is supported by Creative Scotland Open Fund in partnership with The Work Room and introduces new collaborators into the process.

Work in Progress - all welcome -see detail below

Tuesday 22 March 15.00-18.00

Welcome and short introduction

Showing of material (approximately 1 hour)

Critical Response feedback session facilitated by Roanne Dods

Tea and Cake

Wednesday 23 March 15.00-18.00

Welcome and short introduction

Showing of material (approximately 1 hour)

Presentation of the work by Anna Krzystek followed by an open discussion

Tea and Cake

Please RSVP (stating which - or both! days you can attend) Steve Slater - / 07791314650.

Untitled #1 is to develop as the 1st in a cycle of work exploring the premise of Nothing. Understanding of the world rests on essentially nothing; absence and departure as well as presences. In looking at Nothing everything comes into focus.

Untitled #1 holds an equal thrust between positive and negative and lends itself as much to humour & lightness as it does to larger more serious notions of existence.

Commencing with haphazardness, a purging through of chaotic activity Untitled #1 seeks to arrive at a possible new beginning. Throughout this process one gains a sense of moving on, of leaving certain aspects behind and creating a vacancy for something 'other' to occur and for this 'other' to not only transpire in the evolving plasticity of the work but also in the audiences' personal perception and interpretation of what they see, hear and experience.

Complicated in its layers of simplicity, Untitled #1 extends laterally, exploding out wards in a visceral, aural and visual exploration of what is 'there' & 'not there'.

Concept, Choreography & Performance Anna Krzystek

Sound Score Tom Murray

Lighting Meri Ekola

Scenographer David Bernard

Facilitator (Critical Response Practice) Roanne Dods

Documentation Simon Fildes

Producer Steve Slater

Research and Development for Untitled #1 is supported by Creative Scotland and The Work Room.