In The Instance of Arrival - associated workshops and classes

Fri 5th October 2012, 10:59am

CCA Creative Lab, Glasgow

Classes associated with residency. Part of a month long research residency across Scotland during October 2012, supported by Creative Scotland's Choreographic Futures fund.

Friday 5th 
7pm - 9pm An open Contact Jam, FREE!

Saturday 6th
10 - 11.30am Professional class (release based technique), £5
1 - 4pm Workshop based on In The Instance Of Arrival research, £15


About the residency

Working with Ewan Downie, Kim Moore and Anna Porubcansky, On The Stage Of The Present (Tom Pritchard) engages in a month's research into performance improvisation encompassing ritual, myth, folk traditions, dance, song, music and poetry. We will using Scottish folk traditions as a direction of investigation and looking at how to bring together these art forms to create cohesive long form improvised performances.

The work is being mentored by Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovese.

This research will be visiting Glasgow from 1st-13th October, Aberdeen from 15th-18th October and Edinburgh from 22nd-26th October

As a part of the residencies, Tom will be teaching a number of classes and short workshops.


For more information please email or visit the website, Facebook page or twitter feed below. To keep up to date please follow on: Or the Facebook group "On The Stage Of The Present" 

Members involved: Tom Pritchard


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