Dance International Glasgow 2017

Thu 20th April 2017, 10:23am

Dance International Glasgow
21st April to 21st May

We are delighted that the programme includes work by many members. Look out for performances by Melanie Forbes Broomes (pictured), Jer Reid and the Collective Endeavours, Penny Chivas, Ultimate Dancer, Anna Krzystek, Skye Reynolds, Saffy Setohy Dance Artist, Jack Webb Joan Clevillé Dance , Indepen-dance, Caroline Bowditch and Aniela Piasecka with Stasi.s Meanwhile Nic Green and Kate E. Deeming are involved in the Engage programme; Ema Jayne Park Park is facilitating a post-show chat with Didy Veldman and Natasha Gilmore one with Liz Aggiss.

Follow this link to a handy PDF version of the full programme to start planning your DiG2017


Image: Caroline Bowditch and Company Snigel and Friends
World Premiere 14 May, 1.30pm & 3.10pm, Tramway



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