The Work Room is artist-led, driven by the needs and creativity of our members. All of our members have the right to offer input on the way the space and resources are run, and to participate in the evolution of the organisation by voting at our AGMs, or standing for our Artists Panel, which provides consultation to the Board of Directors.

The Work Room was created in part to strengthen relationships between Scotland’s independent dance sector, and we take that responsibility very seriously indeed. Our online members’ area functions as professional social network, which members can use to update on their professional progress, start discussions, post blogs, offer feedback and interact with other members’ posts. We also encourage use of The Work Room space as a site for artistic sharing between members – all members are encouraged to propose group events and uses of the space for the membership community.

Anyone with an interest in independent dance in Scotland can become a member: for more information on that, see our Becoming A Member section.